New rendering teardown online now, check it out and maybe the next one will be yours?

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The first teardown of 2020 is online. More to come!

The first batch of submissions has been processed and the first video just got release now if you want to check it out :

I hope you'll find some interesting tips in there and considerations that you would be able to carry on into your next renderings. 

Submit your own work for a teardown

As usual I'm still taking on new submissions from people who are looking for feedback on their own work. While I don't see any reason not to take a chance and submit one of your image, I'll list here some insights you might get from getting feedback on your own work rather than on other people's work :

  • Getting constructive critique on your work is the only way to progress when you're beginning or plateauing
  • While we like to think that we can have a unbiased look at our own work if we force ourselves, it takes a lot of experience and knowledge to actually do it. This is why I myself often ask third party for feedback when I can no longer look at my own images to make them progress.
  • Getting tailored feedback from your own process of making images will help you noticing the precise pitfalls your images have so that you can ovecome them more easily.
  • Last but not least, it is a pretty humbling experience. One all architects have been used to go through when presenting their projects to their tutors. Although here, I'm definitely aiming at helping you refine your visual communication skills rather than butchering your motivation in the process (at least I hope that's how it looks :D)

The link is below, I'm looking forward to seeing your work and help you progress!

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submit my image for a rendering teardown