Do you know the fundamentals of Gestalt Theory?

Hi everyone,

Been a tough and intense week, but I still need to end it with a weekly video. 

This week I'll talk about Gestalt theory, which overall is a quite misunderstood theory, and generally leads to quite wrong assumptions on how you can use it in your images. Fun fact : it's everywhere. Second fun fact : most people are unaware of it. Third fun fact (!) : once you notice it, your images do get much better. 

So in this video I roughly explain : what is Gestalt theory, why it matters, and above all how to use it through 5 of the most common examples. 

In composition, everything is about perception. If you don't perceive things, you can't compose anything. 

I hope this video will put a bit of mindfulness on this perception issue.


Please share the video around if you feel like it was useful for you and could be useful for your archviz pals.

Have a great week-end!



Check out the video about Gestalt theory