Do you know how to use fog properly in your images?

Hi everyone,

In this last video before going on a summer break, I wanted to touch on a nice topic that is often overlooked : fog. 

Of course you will find many videos on how to create that specific effect, but rarely is it explained why you should want fog in your image in the first place and what it does to the perception of your visual. So in this image I want to right that wrong, explains a bit how fog works in an image, why use it, what are the things to keep in mind when using it, and also how to create it in postproduction. 

As we'll see, there's a complete shift in image reading when you start incorporating fog in an image. This is why this is a great tool... that can ruin your image if you don't use it properly. 

I hope you'll find the video useful!

I'll see you in September 



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