Rendering teardowns are back, and some more news.

Hi everyone,

Long time no post,

I hope you're all safe at home and not suffering too much (psychologically or physically) from the quarantine going on all over the world. Paradoxically, this pandemic has been a good occasion to slow down and reassess the overall roadmap for 2020 which, I have to admit, has slightly changed. Here are the big news and upcoming changes that I'll hope will get you as excited as I am.

A new official website is online.

Being already a bit annoyed by the previous website template, I've dedicated a couple of weeks to finetune a new version that, I hope, will make more justice to the visuals crafted. It was also a good occasion to do some baby steps in the realm of animation (the result can be seen on the landing page). Pretty happy with the result considering it's a first attempt, and definitely psyched by the possibilities this will offer in terms of storytelling in the future. 

The tutorial part is still under construction (in my head) and I'll probably refine it as soon as I get to post some new material. Speaking of material, I've been reading all the books I could find on the topic of composition (be it in photography, psychology, painting, marketing, etc) in the hope of putting together an extensive method (still unsure if it'll be an article, a series of videos or whatnot) which will, I hope, speak to everyone while bringing a more in-depth knowledge than what's currently on the market. Stay tuned!

Rendering teardowns are back (and probably more)!

You'll probably be happy to learn that on top of this new upcoming composition thing, I'm currently taking submissions from you guys for some rendering teardowns. It used to be a success in the past that I hope to renew again and I guess it's a good time now that everything is a bit slower to take a step back and get a deeper look at your work so that you can better prepare what to do to get to the next level. 

As usual these teardowns are free, will consist of a 10-15 minute video posted on youtube, and will be done on a first come/first served + not too heavy workload on my side basis.

If you have an image you'd like to get feedback on, or know someone who'd be happy to submit his/her image, click the button below!

That's it for the moment,

Looking forward to receiving your submissions!



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