Finally learn the true depth of composition and start making beautiful visuals

Horoma's first live masterclass tackling my favourite topic - composition πŸ˜ƒ - is now open for enrollment in cohort 2 happening on the 26th and 27th of June.

What is, in short, this masterclass?

Composition from the ground up is a comprehensive online live and recorded course for those looking to create compelling visuals and sell their powerful ideas to their clients. Unlike most courses out there focusing on subsets of composition, this course covers everything while retaining a business-oriented approach :

 β€’ A thorough explanation of my model of composition and why it simplifies the whole process of image crafting

 β€’ The fundamentals of perception

 β€’ How intent matters in an image, and how to identify it in your client's brief

 β€’ The objective components of framing and how to tailor them for your project (no simple rule of thirds or "golden ratio" cookie-cutter approach that lead to unremarkable visuals)

 β€’ The different types of natural and artificial lighting and why use one and not another

 β€’ How to use color in your image to set the right mood and play with the different types of color contrasts

 β€’ How to build your own reference folder and use it properly for your projects

 β€’ What to say in client's meetings in order to lead the conversation

So far there are 26 modules totaling over 16 hours of live and prerecorded content. Yes, 16 hours of presentation, exercises and explanation simply on composition, that fundamental topic that is generally tackled and watered-down to a couple of hours or even less in most courses out there, too eager to focus on technical details that you can learn for free on Youtube. But having noise-free images won't save a poor composition. Having the best asphalt blend material won't help if your composition is not doing justice to your subject and is plain boring.

Composition is a complex topic, and it deserves all your attention if you really want to become a true archviz artist and not stay a mere archviz technician.

Since I want to provide the most in-depth course about composition, any enrollment gives you life time access to the videos and all the ones I'll add in the future. Right now the videos are dealing with the broader concept of composition, but as time passes I intend to do more and more in-depth videos on smaller subsets of themes in order to address really specific issues we may have to tackle in our practice.

Check out the different plans offered now and take your future visuals to the next level

I'm hoping to see you in the next cohort!



Learn composition and take your visuals to the next level