Composition From The Ground Up is now open for enrollment

Hi everyone,

After months of development and a successful beta some weeks ago, Composition From The Ground Up, the most comprehensive online live masterclass on composition is now open for enrollment.

If you want to confidently reach mastery in a fundamental aspect of architecture visualization, level up their craft, streamline collaboration with clients, and boost both creative & business outcomes, this is the masterclass for you. It covers everything :

- Fundamentals of perception

- Intent

- Framing

- Lighting

- Color

- Presenting your work

- Exploring composition options

- Culling composition options

- Building your repertoire

- References management

The course consists of 24 modules I'll present live during 2 x 4 hour sessions, and 4 x 1 hour core modules that are pre-recorded that will alternate between theory, case studies and practical exercises in order to make sure you have a proper understanding of the ins and outs of the concepts I'll be presenting.

Exit the basics like the rule of thirds or the golden ratio (I'll explain you why there are poor tools in the first place), we'll go in depth not only on how to build an image but why build it one way and not another. I'll share with you my methodology on how to build strong visuals. We'll also deal extensively on how to present your work properly to your clients and lead meetings rather than suffer unnecessary changes and unproductive review sessions.

It's basically everything I wish I had known when I started my freelancing career 6 years ago. This course will take you from wherever you're standing at level-wise now to being able to confidently craft compelling visuals and properly communicate the underpinnings of why it works to your colleagues or clients.

Whether you are looking to start out the right way

Or just want to deepen your understanding of composition

Or already have a team and want to take it to the next level

Or are an architect working on a daily basis with archviz studios

Composition From The Ground Up, as its name entails, covers everything you need to know on the topic of composition to become a more seasoned archviz artist and not a mere archviz technician. 

Plan Detail

Pre-recroded | Introduction to core concepts of composition (4 hours)

Core concepts





Live | Mastering the core concepts

Introduction to composition

what is a rendering

deconstructing misconceptions about composition

a more holistic understanding of composition

composition as a tool

fundamentals of perception

human eye specifics





Playing with core concepts

translating the brief

the repertoire

reference management

in and out of balance

don't kill your darlings

Live | Implementing composition in your creative process


the double diamond

the 2 dynamics

applying it to our client relationship


ripping the brief

generating options



streamline process

reference implementing


what is a keeper

creating coherent sequences


Persuasive presentations

using composition knowledge to improve your presentation

common errors in presenting your work

iterating with intent

dealing with objections


26 modules total, about 12 hours of content, and I'll keep on adding more pre-recorded content as we go, in order to cover more topics more in-depth. On top of that I've added cheatsheets and small exercises that you can do in order to double check you've integrated properly the new concepts and will be able to apply them with your next commissioned-work.

Live cohort is scheduled for the 24th and 25th of April 2021. Enrollment is open until the 18th of April.

Enroll now in the recommended Battle Plan and get :

- Lifetime access to your cohort content

- Lifetime access to all new live, pre-recorded content and downloadable files

- One hour 1-on-1 review of a selected sample of your work with me through a Zoom session

- Access to the teardown vault 

- Vray Chaos Group credit of attendance certificate

Pretty sweet, heh?


Ready? It's time to master composition.

See you in the live class



Learn composition the right way