Composition From The Ground up enrollment closing soon!

Hi there,

Composition From The Ground up, cohort 2 is just around the corner.

There are a couple of seats still open and enrollment is closing this Sunday, so if you want to participate in the most advanced and extensive course on composition, this is your chance!

Why does composition matters?

Well, composition, properly understood, is really the only thing that will help you differentiate from other artists once making realistic renderings will be just a click away (the famous "render button" our clients sometimes mention) which is ... kind of already there (on client's standards at least).

Properly understanding composition and leveraging its power is also the difference between hoping your clients agree with your creative direction, and actually explaining them with unbiased arguments why your way will be the best way to go. Or, shortly put, the difference between making images you want, and making images your client wants. 

Understanding composition properly is also the only way to efficiently tailor your own style and build up your signature in order to differentiate yourself on the market by properly understanding how an image work, how to integrate references into your workflow, and how to put them into practice by understanding the brief of any client.

Composition literally is at the center of everything, and yet most artists dumb it down to simple rules like the rule of thirds, some golden ratio and a bit of lighting studies. Needless to say it is a far more complex, and yet very intuitive and fun to play with, topic.

This is why this course is entirely centered around composition and its use in a business environment. There's almost no technical aspect tackled because this is already overly done by other courses out there, but mostly because most of what's needed is available for free on platforms like Youtube.

In this course we focus on why do something in the first place (which requires a good understanding of several complex theories and how they intertwine), rather than how to do it (which generally requires a Google search and visioning a 5 to 10 minute tutorial).

Composition From The Ground Up is a constantly evolving course 

Right now it includes :

- 26 modules covering the core components
- 8+ hours of pre-recorded content
- 8 hours of live presentation and practice
- Q&A videos
- lifetime access to the course and all the future content
- Dedicated cheatsheets for each topic

The course is tailored for curious and open-minded artists that want to take their game to the next level. Past attendees, whether beginner or experienced did learn a lot and completely shifted their mindset on how to approach their images and how to sell their ideas to their clients more efficiently.

More knowledge, more control, more creativity, more fun.

I'm hoping to see you in the next cohort and show you how leveraging the power of composition can really benefit your work and business as a whole!



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