Horoma Bespoke Photoshop Script for Seamless Cutout Integration

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UPDATE 1 : our photoshop script is now compatible with Photoshop CC

UPDATE 2 : don't forget to check out our new version of this script, even faster, and more flexible, included in our Essential Photoshop Actions for Archviz Professionals pack. Check it out here : https://gum.co/HrWsh/

Populating your image in a seamless way is paramount if you want your architecture visualisations to be powerful. Quite a timeconsuming task, it implies to take into consideration multiple aspects spanning from physics to composition or perspective principles.

Transcribing these phenomena and principles in Photoshop will result in many layers, vector masks and adjustment layers, multiplied by the number of cutout people you’re aiming to integrate, resulting in an offputting session that can add up to more than an hour when you’re dealing with crowded renders.

Working as a freelancer or in a company, wasted time is your biggest enemy. You just can’t afford to spend any time on redundant tasks that could be automated. Using the script I’m offering you will save you that time thus letting you focus on more creative tasks.

Based on a thorough study of lighting phenomena, this script will generate accurately and automatically all the layers you need to blend your cutout people seamlessly in their surroundings. Core shadow, Cast shadow, Penumbra, Umbra, Highlight, Ground Reflection, Saturation, everything is neatly organised and easy to adjust.

What to expect

  • Bring an extra boost to the believability of your renders
  • Save up to 70% of your time initially devoted to integrating cutouts
  • Make time to either focus on more creative tasks or take on more projects

What you get

  • Photoshop script by Horoma
  • Photoshop action by Horoma
  • PDF explaining how to use the script

Get this freebie and you will never waste any more time on integrating cutouts!

For any questions just shoot me an e-mail at : contact@horoma.net

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Horoma Bespoke Photoshop Script for Seamless Cutout Integration

15 ratings
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