The Essentials For Archviz Professionals V.2

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Your new postprocessing companion

The Essentials of Archviz Professionals V.2 is a collection of 20+ advanced automation tools in Photoshop that we use on a daily basis here in Horoma studio, in order to minimize cumbersome and repetitive tasks and maximize time for creativity.

This new version reflects the evolution of our workflow since V.1 while also integrating feedback from our 1500+ customers.

What you get

The No-Brainer Layer Structure

The new folder structure integrates and dispatches automatically your ambient occlusion, refraction and reflection passes as well as alpha channel in order to get a neatly organized psd file in a single click.

Two-step Lighting and Atmosphere Effects

Create convincing lighting and fog effects from a simple selection or Z-depth pass.

Materials and Color Adjustments from Selection

Brand new layer adjustments tools combining curves, hue/saturation and diffuse filter passes for maximum control.

2-Step Multiple Cutout Shadowing Script

A completely rewritten version of our popular shadow casting script that goes one step further with even more ease.

2-Step Multiple Foliage Cutout Shadowing Script

A similar script dedicating to the integration of 2D foliage.

Additional Cutout Seamless Integration

An new script that lets you merge extra cutouts in the existing folder structure seamlessly.

Color & Saturation Isolation Filters

A brand new toggle system to manage our check filters. No more issues in remembering the right combination of layers to double check your hue, saturation and values.


Many more smaller scripts that will help you on a daily basis whether it is for composition check, client communication, last minute finetuning, etc.

Last but not least, an in-depth presentation video walks you through how to make the most out of the Essentials pack with a simple case study from A to Z.

Need more information ?

You can check our short presentation video at the following link to see how these scripts look in action :

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The Essentials For Archviz Professionals V.2

23 ratings
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